Kaba in China


Kaba Probuck

Established in 2003 in Shenzhen and aquired by Kaba in 2013, Kaba Probuck is a leading digital door lock supplier with solid R&D competence, boasting many patents and strong sales across China.

Kaba Probuck uses fingerprint, algorithm, bluetooth and wireless technologies to produce highly innovative products within the digital door lock and internet based time and attendance arenas.

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Wah Yuet

Wah Yuet

Founded in 1973 in Taishan, Wah Yuet has a long history of servicing its customers with OEM products. Acquired by Kaba in 2006, today, Wah Yuet is a leading supplier of door locks, padlocks, window hardware, mechanical cylinders and keys.

With more than 2,000 employees, Wah Yuet has extensive manufacturing capabilities and is certified in accordance with ANSI/BHMA standards.

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Kaba Access Systems

Kaba has been active in Asia Pacific for over 25 years. Kaba opened its doors in China in Shenzhen in 2006, and relocated to Shanghai in 2008. Since establishing itself in China, Kaba has focused on providing total access security solutions to its customers, focusing primarily on Electronic Access Control and Workforce Management products, tailoring solutions to meet local market needs.
To complement this established product line, Kaba China started its door hardware business in 2013, adding an extra layer of convenience for their customer base.

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